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PingIntelligence for APIs: Automated AWS Guide

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Automated AWS setup

This Ansible package automates the deployment of PingIntelligence for APIs software in an AWS environment. The package installs and configures four software components which include ASE (deployed between the API clients and API Gateway or backend server), ABS AI Engine, MongoDB database, and the PingIntelligence for APIs dashboard. Using the automated PingIntelligence deployment script, you can choose from one of the following deployment types:
  • Single instance deployment - In this type of deployment, all the PingIntelligence components are deployed on a single EC2 instance.
  • Separate server deployment - In this type of deployment, all the PingIntellitence components are deployed on different EC2 instances.

The following diagram shows the complete deployment architecture of the setup:

PingIntelligence automated deployment script creates AWS EC2 instances and installs the PingIntelligence software. The installation is divided in the following steps:
  1. In step 1, download and untar the automated installation package. Configure the aws.config script that governs the installation. It is recommended to run the automation script as a ec2-user. The script installs packages like Ansible and boto using sudo on the management EC2 instance.
  2. In step 2, launch the EC2 instances.
  3. In step 3, configure few system parameters for PingIntelligence components.
  4. In step 4, install the PingIntelligence components.

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