PingFederate Google Cloud Identity Connector User's Guide 1.1

The PingFederate Google Cloud Identity Connector (Google CIC) allows a Service Provider (SP) to leverage Google as an Identity Provider (IdP) for access to Internet applications in the SP domain. The Google CIC uses the Google+ API, which leverages the OpenID Connect standard to authenticate users and optionally return information about that user to the SP. The Google CIC can also optionally be configured to provide the SP with information about the user using the Google Directory API.

Using the Google CIC, a Software-as-a-service (Saas) provider, for example, can provide customers direct SSO access to its applications. In addition, an SP may leverage Google credentials for secure standards-based SSO to services in other local domains or at partner sites by using the Adapter in an SP partner connection. (For more information about identity-federation standards and partner conections, see Key Concepts in the PingFederate Administrator’s Manual.)

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