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PingAccess Agent for IIS

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The table below lists some potential problems and resolutions you may encounter with the PingAccess Agent for IIS.
Issue Resolution
The Installer fails to successfully install the agent. The steps listed in the Manual Installation procedure can be used to validate the installation and allow you to manually complete the installation.
The Uninstall program fails to successfully remove the agent. Follow the steps in the Manual Removal to remove the configuration for the PingAccess Agent for IIS.
The PingAccess-Agent/Admin log contains the error SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK(0) It is likely that the hostname for the pingAccess engine being accessed does not match the hostname in the certificate used by the agent. Verify the certificate configuration, and if necessary, recreate the certificate for the Agent HTTPS Listener and recreate the Agent configuration. See PingAccess User Interface Reference Guide in the PingAccess documentation for more information.
500 series errors accessing protected resources This can indicate that the PingAccess Agent failed to load, or that the Default Applicaiton Pool is stopped. Correct the issue that's causing the module load failure, and then restart the Default Application Pool.

One potential cause of this is that the file cannot be found or loaded. Ensure that this file is copied over as described in Step 6 of the installation procedure.

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