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PingIntelligence for APIs: Deployment Guide

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PingIntelligence product deployment

PingIntelligence for APIs software combines real-time security and AI analytics to detect, report, and block cyberattacks on data and applications exposed via APIs. The software consists of two platforms: API Security Enforcer and API Behavioral Security Artificial Intelligence engine.

API Security Enforcer (ASE)

Applies real-time inline inspection of API traffic to detect and block attacks. ASE works with the ABS engine to identify attacks.

API Behavioral Security (ABS)

Executes AI algorithms to detect in near real-time cyberattacks targeting data, applications, and systems via APIs. Attack information can be automatically pushed to all ASEs to block ongoing breaches and prevent reconnection.

PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard

PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard utilizes Elasticsearch and Kibana to provide a graphical view of an API environment including traffic metrics, attack types and blocked connections. The PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard makes periodic REST API calls to an ABS engine which returns JSON reports that are used to generate graphs. Organizations can utilize the PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard examples to develop direct integration into in-house graphical management systems.

Attention: You can install all the PingIntelligence products either as a root user or a non-root user. Make sure that the entire deployment is a homogenous deployment. Either all the products should be installed as a root user or as a non-root user.