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PingIntelligence for APIs - Dashboard 3.2.1

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Install and configure the PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard

Install the following components on a RHEL 7.2 or higher or Ubuntu 16 LTS Linux Server:

  • Elasticsearch 6.4.3
  • Kibana 6.4.3
  • Oracle JDK 8 update 161 or later

The Installation and configuration process of Dashboard is depicted in the diagram below:

Ensure that ports 9200 for Elasticsearch and 443 for Kibana are available for installation. If the ports are not available, then configure different ports for Elasticsearch and Kibana in their respective configuration files. To connect Kibana with Elasticsearch, edit kibana.yml and specify the Elasticsearch URL. Here is a snippet from kibana.yml file showing the default Elasticsearch URL:

# The Elasticsearch instance to use for all your queries.
# elasticsearch.url: "https://localhost:9200"

During the installation and configuration process, the following user types are created:

System users System users manage Elasticsearch and Kibana
Dashboard users

ping_admin: Can view and edit Dashboard

ping_user: Can only view the Dashboard

Make sure that you create strong passwords of more than six characters for all users. The default password of all user types is changeme.

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