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PingIntelligence for APIs - Dashboard 3.2.1

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Start Dashboard


For Dashboard to start, the dashboard_master.key must be present in the /opt/pingidentity/dashboard/config directory. If you have moved the master key to a secured location for security reasons, copy it to the config directory before executing the start script.

To start the Dashboard, navigate to the /opt/pingidentity/dashboard/bin directory and enter the following command:

[pingidentity@localhost bin]# ./
[pingidentity@localhost bin]# ./
Dashboard 3.2.1 starting…
Please see /opt/pingidentity/dashboard/logs/dashboard.log for more details
[pingidentity@localhost bin]#

After Dashboard is started, wait for 15 seconds for Dashboard to create the following two users:

  • ping_admin
  • ping_user
Note: Immediately after starting PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard, change the password for both the users.

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