Agentless Integration Kit 1.2

The PingFederate Agentless Integration Kit includes the ReferenceID Adapter, which allows developers to integrate applications with a PingFederate server acting as either an Identity Provider (IdP) or a Service Provider (SP). The ReferenceID Adapter allows an IdP server to receive user attributes from an IdP application. On the SP side, the adapter allows an SP application to receive user attributes from the SP server.

The ReferenceID Adapter does not require the application to include agent PingFederate software libraries to interact with the Adapter. Instead, user attributes are passed via direct HTTP calls between the application and PingFederate.

For IdP integration, after user authentication, the application makes a direct HTTP call to PingFederate with user attributes, which PingFederate temporarily stores, sending a reference to them in the HTTP response. The IdP application redirects the browser to PingFederate, including the reference.

For SP integration, PingFederate parses the SAML assertion and temporarily stores the user attributes, generating a reference to them and sending the reference in a redirect to the SP application. The application makes a direct HTTP call back to PingFederate with the reference, and PingFederate returns the attributes in the HTTP response.

The sample distribution consists of two IdP and SP Java Web Applications and a PingFederate configuration archive, which enables the sample applications to work on a single instance of PingFederate. The Web Applications are implemented as Java Server Pages (JSP) so that the applications are easy to build and deploy, and provide a way to test an end-to-end Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) integration with PingFederate.

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