Sample applications

This section provides instructions for installing, configuring, and using the sample Java applications bundled with the PingFederate Agentless Integration Kit. These sample applications provide a way to test an end-to-end Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) integration with PingFederate using this integration kit.

The sample distribution consists of two Java Web Applications and a PingFederate configuration archive which enables the sample applications to work on a single instance of PingFederate. The Web Applications are implemented as JavaServer Pages (JSP) so that the applications are easy to build and deploy, and the source can be readily viewed by developers.

NoteThe purpose of these samples is to demonstrate the use of the Agentless Integration Kit and is not intended as best practices for application development. For the sake of simplicity, the sample applications are not complete in terms of configurability, error handling, input validation, robustness, completeness, security, nor performance. It is assumed that the user is reasonably familiar with Java and PingFederate.

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