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PingFederate Facebook Cloud Identity Connector User's Guide 2.0

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PingFederate Facebook Cloud Identity Connector User's Guide 2.0

This PingFederate Cloud Identity Connector allows a Service Provider (SP) to leverage Facebook as an Identity Provider (IdP) for access to Internet applications in the SP domain. The included PingFederate Facebook IdP Adapter works with the Facebook authentication Web service and its application programming interface (API) to allow PingFederate to perform single sign-on (SSO) to service applications.

Using the Connector, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, for example, can provide customers direct SSO access to its applications. In addition, a service provider may leverage Facebook credentials for secure, standards-based SSO to services in other local domains or at partner sites, by using the Adapter in an SP partner connection. (For more information about identity-federation standards and partner connections, see the PingFederate Administrator’s Manual.)

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