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PingFederate Java Integration Kit 2.5

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PingFederate Java Integration Kit 2.5

The Java Integration Kit includes the OpenToken Adapter and a Java agent, which allows developers to integrate their Java applications with a PingFederate server acting as either an identity provider (IdP) or a service provider (SP). The kit allows an IdP server to receive user attributes from a Java IdP application. On the SP side, the kit allows a Java SP application to receive user attributes from the SP server.

The Java Integration Kit uses an open-standard, secure token called OpenToken to pass user information between an application and PingFederate. The OpenToken is passed through the user’s browser as a URL query parameter, an HTTP cookie, or a form POST. The data within the OpenToken is a set of key/value pairs, and the data is encrypted using common encryption algorithms, as illustrated below:

The Integration Kit distribution also contains sample IdP and SP applications. The applications may be installed quickly for testing OpenToken processing and to provide a working demonstration of end-to-end single sign-on (SSO) and single logout (SLO). Source code and supporting files are included in the distribution and may be modified or used as a reference for application developers.

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