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SSO for SAML applications

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Add an application from the Application Catalog

You can add a SAML application for your SSO users by selecting an application published in the PingOne Application Catalog.

  1. Go to ApplicationsApplication Catalog.
  2. In the Search field, search for your app by typing the name, entity ID, or description of the application you want to add. The application listing will display the type of the application.
  3. When you find the application you want, click Details. The application description is displayed.
  4. Click Setup to begin. The SSO Instructions page for the application is displayed.
  5. Follow the instructions to configure SSO for the application. Click Continue to Next Step.
  6. Configure your connection to the application per the application instructions. Click Continue to Next Step.
  7. Modify or add any attribute mappings as necessary for the application. In most cases, the default attribute mappings are sufficient. These mappings assign your identity bridge attributes to the attributes provided by the Service Provider for the application. For each application attribute, you can:
    • Click the Required checkbox to designate an attribute or attributes as required by the application.
    • Click in an entry box and select an identity bridge attribute from a drop-down list.
    • Click in an entry box and enter an identity bridge attribute.
    • Click the As Literal checkbox and in the entry box, enter a literal value to assign.
    • Click Advanced and enter Advanced Attribute Mapping mode. See Create advanced attribute mappings for instructions.
    • Click Add new attribute to enter any additional attributes required by the application. You then have all of the choices above when configuring the attribute.
  8. When you have finished modifying or adding any additional attributes, click Save & Publish.
    The summary information for the application configuration is then displayed on a new page.
  9. Make the new application available to your users. See Authorize group access to applications for instructions.

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