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PingOne for Enterprise release notes

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July, 2018

Feature Description
New provisioner for Lucidchart® We have added a new provisioner for the Zscaler applications. This provisioner includes:
  • Support for user provisioning.
  • Support for these user attributes: Username, Display Name, Email, External ID, First Name, Last Name and Roles.

See Known Issues and Limitations for important information.

Updated provisioner for Office 365™ We have updated the provisioner for Office 365 applications. The update includes:
  • Support for hard-deleting users.

See Known Issues and Limitations for important information.

Deprecated features
Feature Description
Basic SSO and the browser extension Basic SSO and the PingOne browser extension are no longer offered for new PingOne accounts. Accounts that are currently utilizing Basic SSO or the browser extension can continue using these facilities without interruption. For accounts not currently using Basic SSO or the browser extension, availability of these facilities is no longer displayed.
Known issues and limitations
Subject Issue/Limitation
Lucidchart provisioner The following limitations apply:
  • Clearing fields on updates is not supported.
  • Due to Lucidchart API limitations, there will be a performance impact to creating users when mapping External ID or Roles. Both External ID and Role may fail to be added to a user on the initial create. If this happens, an error will be logged and the update to External ID and Roles will be retried up to three times.
  • Due to Lucidchart API limitations, attempting to update a user immediately after creating them may result in user not found exceptions. This is due to a delay in Lucidchart between creating a user and being able to modify the user. Failed attempts to update the user will be re-attempted up to three times.
Office 365 provisioner The following limitations apply:
  • Opting out of license management for users is not supported. The provisioner will clear existing licenses even when the attribute is unmapped.
  • Updating the mobile attribute requires that the service principal representing the provisioner (where the user gets the client key and secret) be assigned a role with Company Administrator privileges (using Powershell). See this KB article for more information.
  • Updating the Password attribute is not supported.
  • User updates containing a manager that has not yet been provisioned or updated by the new version will fail, because the manager will not have the new extended attribute holding their distinguished name from Active Directory.
  • If the DoBase64Conversion field is switched to “false”, expect conflicts or failures on federated domains containing pre-existing users provisioned by dirsync or V1.0.
  • Only outbound provisioning is supported.
  • Group provisioning is not supported.
  • Automatic licensing of users is not supported.

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