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December, 2017

Table 1: Enhancements
New provisioner for Jive®We've added a new provisioner for Jive applications. This provisioner includes:
  • Added support for user provisioning.
  • Added support for the user attributes: userName, givenName, familyName, workEmail, password, locale, timeZone, workPhone, externalContributor, federated and location.

See Known Issues and Limitations for important information.

Table 2: Deprecated features
Basic SSO and the browser extensionBasic SSO and the PingOne browser extension are no longer offered for new PingOne accounts. Accounts that are currently utilizing Basic SSO or the browser extension can continue using these facilities without interruption. For accounts not currently using Basic SSO or the browser extension, availability of these facilities is no longer displayed.
Table 3: Known issues and limitations
Jive provisionerThe following limitations apply:
  • Clearing fields on updates is not supported.
  • Outbound Group Provisioning and Memberships is not supported.
  • Due to a Jive limitation, a user’s username cannot be updated.
  • Due to a Jive limitation, the externalContributor attribute cannot be updated.
  • Due to a Jive limitation, when a user is created their email address must be unique. However, after creation their email address can be updated to match that of an existing user.
  • Deleting the administrative user that is set up for provisioning can lead to undesired consequences, because the provisioner makes the admin user the owner and member of each group that is created by the provisioner. We recommend that this admin user is not managed through the provisioner and is not deleted.

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