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June, 2017

Table 1: Enhancements
PingOne universal certificateA new PingOne universal certificate is now available. If you're using multiplexing, or using manually configured customer connections, you're using the PingOne universal certificate. In this case, it's imperative that you edit the application configuration to update the PingOne universal certificate. See Update the PingOne universal certificate for instructions.
PingOne encryption certificateWhen you're adding a customer connection manually, we've added the option to separately download the PingOne encryption certificate.
IdP discoveryWhen you edit a customer connection, you need only specify the domain or domains used for customer email addresses and we'll use this information to discover the IdP for the connection. We've added the option to set the current connection as the default IdP connection used for all of your applications.

We've also updated the IdP Discovery popup window to display the application logo and your corporate logo (if you've configured this).

Testing application integrationFor security reasons, we've disabled connections to the PingOne Test IdP by default. This connection is enabled only when you select to test your application. We also ensure that you can disable the connection when you're done testing.

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