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Groovy development reference guide

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PingAccess provides the Groovy Script and OAuth Groovy Script Rule types that enable the use of Groovy, a dynamic programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (see the Groovy documentation). Groovy scripts provide advanced rule logic that extends PingAccess rule development beyond the capabilities of the packaged rules. Groovy scripts have access to important PingAccess runtime objects such as the Exchange and PolicyContext objects, which the scripts can interrogate and modify. Groovy Script Rules are invoked during the request processing phase of an exchange, allowing the script to modify the request before it is sent to the server. Groovy Script Rules are also invoked during the response, allowing the script to modify the response before it is returned to the client. The diagram below highlights the flow of Rule processing.

  • During request processing, Rules associated with the application are evaluated.
  • The request passes through each of the Rules sequentially until it is sent to the site.
  • When the response from the site returns to PingAccess, the Groovy Rules are evaluated.

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