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PingAccess endpoints

The following endpoints provide a means by which external applications can communicate with the PingAccess server and provide complete administrative capabilities of the product.

Important: Some endpoint examples in this document include the /pa reserved path. This document assumes the default application reserved path has not been modified. You can modify the reserved path using the PingAccess Admin API. If the reserved path has been modified, update endpoint and other applicable application URLs appropriately.
Heartbeat Endpoint
A maintenance endpoint is provided for administrators to verify that the server is running.
OpenID Connect Endpoints
Endpoints needed for PingFederate to interface with PingAccess using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol are also included.
Auth Token Management endpoint
Endpoints used for Authentication Token Management.
Administrative API Endpoints
The Administrative API endpoints are used by the PingAccess administrative console. These are REST APIs that can be called from custom applications or using command line tools such as curl.
Note: The endpoint examples in this document

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