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Protect a web-based application using PingFederate and PingAccess in a proxy deployment

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Protect a web-based application in a proxy deployment

This document describes the basic steps necessary to protect a web-based application using the combination of PingAccess as the access manager and PingFederate as the token provider.

Along with a description of the configuration steps that are required, this document includes a functioning example using the PingAccess QuickStart application. You can perform the example configuration to achieve a working result and become familiar with this solution, or you can substitute your own data.

Note that this is a basic configuration featuring:

  • a PingFederate HTML Form Adapter with an instance of a Simple Password Credential Validator
  • the PingFederate Access Token Manager (ATM) using the Internally Managed Reference Token data model

Your configuration may call for additional settings and components to satisfy network and/or security requirements. Links to additional resources that explain these additional settings and components are offered throughout this document.

This document does not detail the usage of identity mappings or authentication requirements that are common components of a typical configuration. As these components are simple to configure and beyond the scope of this document, you can read more about them and other features in the PingAccess User Interface Reference Guide.


To complete the example configuration, the following prerequisites should be satisfied:

  1. You have downloaded and performed a basic installation of PingAccess 5.1 and PingFederate 9.1.
  2. You have downloaded the PingAccess QuickStart (Login required) application, unzipped the file, and copied the \pingaccess-quickstart-5.1.0\pf-dist\PingAccessQuickStart.war file to \Program Files\Ping Identity\pingfederate-9.1.0\pingfederate\server\default\deploy.
  3. The PingAccess QuickStart application is hosted and available at https://mypingfedserver:9031/PingAccessQuickStart.

To begin, Configure PingFederate for PingAccess connectivity.

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