You can configure a protected application in the PingAccess for AWS environment. This document will provide instructions for configuring an application. These instructions are applicable for deployments that include a basic PingFederate instance, as well as deployments that make use of an existing PingFederate environment.

These instructions assume you have successfully deployed your environment and are able to access the PingAccess and PingFederate administration consoles.

ImportantThe PingAccess for AWS solution protects your admin node availability by ensuring a new instance of the admin node is created automatically in the event of a failure. This automated process deploys an instance of the PingAccess admin node based on the settings specified in automation-artifacts/<export_prefix>/pingaccess/conf/pingaccess.json.

For this reason, it is critical to your deployment that you maintain this file. Any time changes are made to the PingAccess configuration, you must export the new configuration and replace the existing file at automation-artifacts/<export_prefix>/pingaccess/conf/pingaccess.json. Failure to synchronize this file could lead to unexpected results if your admin node should fail for any reason.