Install or upgrade the integration kit

NoteIf you have already deployed version 2.5.1 (or higher) of the OpenToken Adapter, skip steps 1 through 4 in the following procedure
  1. Stop the PingFederate server if it is running.

  2. Remove any existing OpenToken Adapter files (opentoken*.jar) from the directory:

    <PF_install> /pingfederate/server/default/deploy

    The adapter JAR file is opentoken-adapter-<version>.jar.

    NoteIf the adapter JAR filename indicates version 2.1 or less, also delete the supporting library opentoken-java-1.x.jar from same directory.
  3. Copy opentoken-adapter-2.5.1.jar from the /dist directory to the PingFederate directory:

    <PF_install> /pingfederate/server/default/deploy

  4. Restart the PingFederate server.

  5. Configure an instance of the OpenToken Adapter.

    For detailed instructions, see OpenToken Adapter Configuration in the PingFederate Administrator’s Manual.

    NoteEnsure Obfuscate Password, located in Advanced Fields is unchecked. The PHP agent does not support an encrypted password. The password will be Base64 encoded.
  6. On the Actions screen, click the Invoke Download link and then click Export to download the agent-config.txt properties to a directory that is readable by the PHP server.

    Ensure that the file location is not part of the Web server's document root.

    NoteThe agent-config.txt file must not be accessible via HTTP.
  7. Once the adapter is configured, create a connection to your partner using that adapter instance. (For more information, see Identity Provider SSO Configuration or Service Provider SSO Configuration in the PingFederate Administrator’s Manual.)

  8. Ensure that mcrypt, zlib and mhash extensions are installed in the PHP server. Using the phpinfo() function, look for mcrypt, zlip, and mhash support in the resulting output.

  9. Ensure that your PHP server is configured to process files with a .php extension and is using the appropriate version of PHP (see System requirements ).

    On the Apache HTTPD server, you can use the AddType command to add the extension:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php (not needed on the built-in PHP Web server)

  10. Copy the /dist/pingidentity/opentoken directory into your PHP include path as /opentoken.

  11. Edit the AGENT_CONFIG_FILE constant in pingidentity/opentoken/helpers/config.php to point to the location of the agent-config.txt file from Step 6.

    On Windows, be sure to use the network-path syntax:


    NoteTo enforce UTF-8 encoding, explicitly specify default_charset=utf8 in the PHP server php.ini file. If this is not set, PHP will use the default operating system character set, which can lead to internationalization compatibility issues.

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