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PingIntelligence Docker images using Docker toolkit

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PingIntelligence Docker toolkit

PingIntelligence for APIs provides a Docker toolkit using which you can create Docker images of the various PingIntelligence products, tools, and MongoDB. The output of the Docker toolkit are Docker images.

Prerequisites: Download the following PingIntelligence products and tools. You also need to download few third-party products.
  • Download products:
    • PingIntelligence ASE 3.2.1
    • PingIntelligence ABS 3.2.1
    • PingIntelligence AAD 3.2.1
    • PingIntelligence Dashboard 3.2.1
    • MongoDB
    • JDK 8 update 161 or higher
    • Kibana 6.4.3
    • Elasticsearch 6.4.3
  • License Obtain valid ASE and ABS license files from the PingIntelligence sales team.
  • Make sure to download the correct ASE binary (RHEL7 or Ubuntu 16 LTS) based on the base image you want to create.
  • Download the correct MongoDB binary (RHEL7 or Ubuntu) based on the Docker image you want to build.