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Ping Identity Use Cases

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Integrating PingID with PingFederate through APIs

Published: January 25, 2019


  • PingFederate

  • PingID

  • PingOne

Before you begin

Follow these steps to establish a quick connection among your application, PingFederate, and PingID.

  1. Use the /registrations post method to create a PingOne account. See /registrations in the PingOne API Reference.
  2. Use the /identitybridges methods to identify a placeholder PingOne directory as the backend store and to complete PingOne setup. See /identitybridges in the PingOne API Reference.
  3. Use the /pingid methods to minimally configure PingID and download the file. See /pingid in the PingOne API Reference.
  4. Use the PingFederate administration API to create the PingID adapter in PingFederate. See Implement an IdP adapter in the PingFederate SDK Developer's Guide.