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Integrating MFA with SSO (PingID with PingFederate)

Published: February 22, 2019


  • PingFederate

  • PingID

  • PingOne

Note: PingID is hosted on Ping’s cloud identity platform, PingOne.

Before you begin

Follow these steps to establish a quick connection between PingFederate and PingID.

Visual workflow as explained in numbered steps.
  1. Sign in to the PingOne administration console at
  2. On the Setup page, create a PingOne directory as explained in Select PingOne directory.
  3. On the SetupPingID page, modify your PingID settings and select Enable Third Party Clients on the Client Integration screen.
  4. Download the PingID settings file as explained in the PingFederate PingID Connector Guide. The file contains the connection information that PingFederate needs to connect to your PingID instance.
  5. Configure the PingID adapter in PingFederate as explained in Manage IdP adapters.