PingFederate WAM Integration Kit 2.0

The PingFederate Web Access Management (WAM) Integration Kit allows developers to integrate their applications with a PingFederate server acting as either an Identity Provider (IdP) or a Service Provider (SP). The WAM IdP Adapter allows an IdP enterprise to extend an existing investment by using the SAML or WS-Federation protocols to expand the reach of the WAM domain to partner applications. The WAM SP Adapter allows an SP enterprise to accept SAML or WS-Federation assertions and provide secure Internet Single sign-on (SSO) to applications protected by a supported WAM system.

ImportantThis kit is designed to work with WAM products from multiple vendors. A WAM plug-in is required to connect the integration kit with each third-party system. This kit ships with WAM plug-ins compatible with Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g R2, and with RSA Access Manager 6.1.
ImportantThe current RSA plugin does not support Adaptive Authentication. It is only qualified against Authentication Manager.

A simple software development kit (SDK) is also included to create custom WAM plug-ins for other systems. If you are creating a WAM plug-in for any third-party product other than OAM and RSA Access Manager, you must complete the tasks in the WAM plug-in SDK README.txt file located in the <integration_kit_install_dir>/sdk directory.

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