Release notes

Product: PingFederate Web Access Management (WAM) Integration Kit

The PingFederate Web Access Management (WAM) Integration Kit adds Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) Adapters to PingFederate. The WAM IdP Adapter allows an IdP enterprise to extend an existing investment by using the SAML or WS-Federation protocols to expand the reach of the WAM domain to partner applications. The WAM SP Adapter allows an SP enterprise to accept SAML or WS-Federation assertions and provide Internet single sign-on (SSO) to applications protected by a supported WAM system.

The WAM Integration Kit is designed to work with WAM products from multiple vendors. It requires a plug-in to connect to each specific vendor's WAM product; see the WAM Plug-in SDK for sample code and more details on building the plug-in.

For information on features and setup, please refer to the product documentation.

If you have problems with deployment, installation, or configuration, please visit the Ping Identity Support Center (

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