ZIP manifest

The distribution ZIP file for the Integration Kit contains the following:

  • ReadMeFirst.pdf – contains links to this online documentation
  • /legal – contains this document:
    • Legal.pdf – copyright and license information
  • /dist – contains libraries needed to run the adapter:
    • pf-wam-adapter-2.0.jar – the WAM Adapter JAR file
    • opentoken-adapter-2.5.1.jar – OpenToken Adapter JAR file
  • /dist/oam – contains Oracle Access Manager libraries needed to run the adapter:
    • pf-oam-plugin.jar – Pre-built OAM-compatible WAM plug-in JAR file
    • PingCustomAuthPlugin.jar – a Java-based PingFederate Custom Authentication Scheme
  • /dist/rsa – contains RSA libraries needed to run the adapter:
    • pf-rsa-plugin.jar – Pre-built RSA-compatible WAM plug-in JAR file
    • axm-runtime-api-6.1.4.jar - RSA API library
    • jsafeFIPS-6.1.jar – RSA API library
    • jsafeJCEFIPS-6.1.jar – RSA API library
  • /sdk – contains build scripts, documents, libraries, and sample code to build a WAM plug-in:
    • README.txt – contains instructions for creating a third-party WAM plug-in to interact with PingFederate.
    • /docs – contains documentation on how to build a WAM plug-in.
    • /lib – contains libraries and supporting files needed to build a WAM plug-in.
    • /samples – contains sample code used to build a WAM plug-in.

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