Install or upgrade the adapter

This section describes how to install the WAM Integration Kit for both the IdP and the SP adapters.

NoteIf you have already deployed version 2.5.1 (or higher) of the OpenToken Adapter, skip steps Step 1 through Step 3 in the following procedure.
  1. Stop the PingFederate server if it is running.

  2. Remove any existing OpenToken Adapter files (opentoken*.jar) and any existing WAM Adapter JAR file from the directory:


    The adapter JAR file is opentoken-adapter-<version>.jar.

    The WAM adapter JAR file is pf-wam-adapter-<version>.jar.

    NoteIf the adapter Jar filename indicates version 2.1 or less, also delete the supporting library opentoken-java-1.x.jar from the same directory.
  3. Unzip the integration-kit distribution file and

  4. Copy the opentoken-adapter-2.5.1.jar file from the /dist directory to the PingFederate directory.


  5. Copy the pf-wam-adapter-2.0.0.jar file from the /dist directory to the PingFederate directory in the previous step.

  6. If you are running PingFederate 6.0 as a Windows service, then:

    Edit the Java Library Path section of the configuration file pingfederate/sbin/wrapper/PingFederateService.conf, adding the line:

  7. Start the PingFederate server.

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