The following table details the required and optional attributes to be configured in the assertion attribute contract.

Attribute Name Description Required / Optional





First Name



Last Name






The following configuration is untested and is provided as an example. Additional steps might be required.

  1. Create a PingFederate SP connection for Box:
    1. Download the Box metadata from
    2. Sign on to the PingFederate administrative console.
    3. Using the metadata that you downloaded, create an SP connection in PingFederate:
      1. Configure using Browser SSO profile SAML 2.0.
      2. Enable the following SAML Profiles:
        • IdP-Initiated SO
        • SP-Initiated SSO
        • IdP-Initiated SLO
        • SP-Initiated SLO
      3. In Assertion Creation: Attribute Contract, set the Subject Name Format to urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress.
      4. Extend the contract with the following attributes:
        • givenName
        • memberOf
        • Sn
      5. In the Assertion Creation: Attribute Contract Fulfillment section:
        1. Map the attribute SAML_SUBJECT to the attribute mail.
        2. Map the optional attribute givenName to the attribute for the user's first name.
        3. Map the optional attribute memberOf to the attribute for the user's Box roles.
        4. Map the optional attribute Sn to the attribute for the user's surname or family name.
      6. In Protocol Settings:
        1. In Assertion Consumer Service URL, delete Artifact and PAOS Bindings.
        2. In SLO Service URLs, delete Artifact and SOAP bindings.
        3. In Allowable SAML Bindings, enable Redirect and POST.
    4. Export the metadata for the newly-created SP connection.
    5. Export the signing certificate public key.
      Screen capture of PingFederate SP Connections page.
  2. Configure the PingFederate IdP connection for Box:
    1. Sign on to the Box Admin Console as an administrator.
      Screen capture of the Box Admin Console with the Settings icon on the lefthand sidebar highlighted in red.
    2. Click Enterprise Settings.
    3. Click the User Settings tab.
    4. In the Configure Single Sign On (SSO) for All Users section, click Configure.
      Screen capture of the Box User Settings tab highlighted in red and the Configure button for Configure Single Sign On (SSO) for All Users highlighted in red.
    5. Click ‘I don’t see my provider, or don’t have a metadata file.’
    6. Complete the Box SSO Setup Support Form:
      1. Review the request form and the For faster service please read section.
      2. Complete all of the required fields.
      3. For Who is your Identity Provider, select Other with Metadata.
      4. For What is the attribute for the user's email?, select SAML_SUBJECT.
      5. For What is the attribute for groups?, select memberOf.
      6. For What is the attribute for the user's first name?, select givenName.
      7. For What is the attribute for the user's last name?, select Sn.
      8. Attach the metadata that you downloaded from the PingFederate configuration.
    7. Click Submit.
      Screen capture of the Box SSO Setup Support Form.
    8. After the Box support team completes the configuration, follow any provided instructions and test the integration.