The following table details the references that are used within this guide that are environment specific. Replace these with the suitable value for your environment.

Reference Description


The host and port for the Jive instance.


The following configuration is untested and is provided as an example. Additional steps might be required.

  1. Create the PingFederate SP Connection for Jive:
    1. Sign on to the Jive Admin Console and enable single sign-on:
      1. Go to People > Settings > Single Sign-On > SAML.
      2. Check Enabled.
      3. Click Save.
      4. Restart Jive.

        Until SAML configuration is complete, you'll need to sign on by going directly to the admin console, http://<jiveinstance>/admin.

    2. Download the Jive metadata from http://<jiveinstance>/saml/metadata.
    3. Sign on to the PingFederate administrative console.
    4. Using the metadata that you downloaded, create an SP connection in Ping Federate:
      1. Configure using Browser SSO profile SAML 2.0.
      2. Enable the following SAML Profiles:
        • IdP-Initiated SSO
        • SP-Initiated SSO
      3. In Assertion Creation: Attribute Contract, set the Subject Name Format to urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified.
      4. In the Assertion Creation: Attribute Contract Fulfilment, map the attribute SAML_SUBJECT to the attribute username.
      5. Add any additional attributes required into the attribute contract and contract fulfillment.
      6. In Protocol Settings: Allowable SAML Bindings, enable POST, and Redirect.
    5. Export the metadata for the newly-created SP connection.
    6. Export the signing certificate public key.
  2. Configure the PingFederate IdP connection for Jive:
    1. Sign on to the Jive Admin Console and go to People > Settings > Single Sign-On > SAML.
    2. On the IdP Metadata tab, copy the contents of the metadata file into the metadata field.
    3. Click Save All SAML Settings.
    4. On the User Attribute Mapping tab, map the user attributes in the Jive profile to the attributes that you configured in PingFederate.
    5. Optional: Select Group Mapping Enabled if you want to assign users to groups with a group attribute passed in the assertion.
    6. Click Save Settings.