• Configure PingFederate to authenticate against an identity repository containing the users requiring application access.
  • An Email Attribute is required in the assertion, either the SAML Subject or another SAML attribute per the SAML configuration. The value of the Email Attribute must be a valid email address. This attribute is used to uniquely identify the user in the organization.
  1. Export the metadata from Tableau:
    1. Sign on to Tableau with an administration account.
    2. Go to Settings > Authentication.
    3. Select the Enable an additional authentication method check box.
    4. Select the SAML authentication method.
    5. Expand the Edit Connection section.
    6. Click Export Metadata.

      Screen capture of Tableau Authentication types page.
  2. Create a Tableau SP Connection:
    1. In PingFederate, create a service provider (SP) connection for Tableau.
    2. Configure using Browser SSO profile SAML 2.0.
    3. Upload the metadata file from Tableau.
    4. Enable the following SAML profiles.
      1. IdP-Initiated SSO
      2. SP-Initiated SSO
    5. Configure the assertion:
      1. Select the source mappings.
      2. Define the contract fulfillment.

        Screen capture of PingFederate mapping mathod and attribute contract fulfillment sections.
    6. In protocol settings: Allowable SAML Bindings, enable POST.
    7. Go to https://<PingFederate url>/pf/federation_metadata.ping?PartnerSpId=<Tableau EntityId> and download the metadata file from PingFederate.

  3. Import the metadata in Tableau:
    1. Upload the PingFederate metadata file and click Apply.
    2. Confirm that  the IdP entityID and SSO service URL are correct.
    3. Test the connection.
    4. Match the Tableau attributes to the assertion attributes and click Apply.

      Screen capture of Tableau Online Attribute page with Email and Display Name attributes shown.
  4. Test the IdP-initiated SSO integration:
    1. Go to the PingFederate SSO application endpoint for Tableau, https://<PingFederate url>/idp/startSSO.ping?PartnerSpId=<Tableau EntityId>.

    2. Authenticate with PingFederate.

      You're redirected to Tableau

  5. Test the SP-initiated SSO integration:
    1. Go to the Tableau sign on page.
    2. Enter the email address that will redirect to PingFederate.
    3. Authenticate with PingFederate.

      You're redirected back to Tableau.