You can use the Error Message connector to:

  • Customize an error message shown in the user interface.



For information and setup help, see the following:

Configuring the Error Message connector

In DaVinci, add an Error Message connector. For more information, see Adding a connector.


This connector doesn't have a configuration at the environment level. You configure it in your flow instead.

Using the connector in a flow

Custom error message creation

You can use the Custom error message on screen capability to create a custom error message and set when that error appears on screen.

To use the connector in the flow, you must add the skerror component to an HTTP connector node in your flow.


You can add the component to the Custom HTML Template of the HTTP connector in your flow, formatted as <div data-skcomponent="skerror"></div>. For more information, see SK-Components reference.


Custom Error Message On Screen

Customize Error message shown on UI/Screen

errorMessage textField

Custom Error Message

errorDescription textField

Custom Error Description

errorCode textField

Custom Error Code

errorReason textField

Custom Error Reason

errorCallbackSuppress toggleSwitch