You can use the Flow Analytics connector to:

  • Track analytics based on different flow outcomes.
  • Create a policy for running flows if logging errors occur.



For information and setup help, see the following documentation:

Configuring the Flow Analytics connector

In DaVinci, add a Flow Analytics connector. For help, see Adding a connector.


This connector doesn't have a configuration at the environment level. You configure it in your flow instead.

Using the connector in a flow

Capture flow information

You can use the Log flow outcomes capability to log details about flow outcomes based on outcome type and outcome status.

No special flow configuration is needed. Add the capability and populate its properties according to the help text.


To view flow analytics from the flow canvas, go to More Options (⋮) > Analytics.


Log Flow Outcomes

Log custom flow outcomes.

outcomeType dropdownWithCreate required
outcomeStatus dropdownWithCreate required
outcomeStatusDetail dropdownWithCreate
outcomeDescription textArea
customTimestamp textField
shouldContinueOnError toggleSwitch
Input Schema
default object
outcomeType string required minLength: 2 maxLength: 75

Type of outcome from flow (e.g. login, enrollment, etc.)

outcomeStatus string required minLength: 2 maxLength: 75

Status of the outcome from the flow (e.g. success, error, denied, fraud, approved, etc.)

outcomeStatusDetail string minLength: 2 maxLength: 250

Details about status of the outcome

outcomeDescription string minLength: 2 maxLength: 1000

Description of the outcome

customTimestamp string minLength: 2 maxLength: 75

Custom timestamp to be logged along with the outcome

shouldContinueOnError boolean

true if flow should continue if an error is encountered in logging