You can use the Functions connector to:

  • Compare the value of variables in your flow, such as A > B,
  • Perform calculations
  • Run custom JavaScript


Setting up the Functions connector

In DaVinci, add a Functions connection. For help, see Adding a connector.

This connector doesn’t have a configuration at the environment level. You configure it in your flow instead.

Using the connector in a flow

Comparing values

You can compare values using a variety of comparison capabilities, such as A == B, A != B, and A < B < C.

For example, we can check whether a user is eligible for a senior’s discount based on their age:

  1. In your flow, add the Functions connector and select the A >= B capability. Select the node that appears in your flow.
  2. In the Value A field, click {}, then select the attribute that holds the user’s current age.
  3. In the Value B field, enter 65.