The connector allows you to direct users to a unique verification URL where they submit their driver license or passport along with selfie photos. After Socure verifies the user's identity, it sends the results to DaVinci where you can branch your flow accordingly.

To make sure a camera is available to scan the documents and take photos, the user typically completes the verification process on a mobile device.



For information and setup help, see the following documentation:


To use the connector, you'll need:

  • A Socure license

Configuring the Socure connector

Add the connector in DaVinci as shown in Adding a connector, then configure it as follows.

Connector configuration

ID+ Key

Your Socure ID+ key, such as “a1b234cd-75e1-9e01-f234-56abcdef6789”.

Get this key from Setting up Socure.


Your Socure SDK key, such as "d450e856-9e01-75e1-8cec-64efe8eef39b".

Get this key from Setting up Socure.


The Socure API URL to target. Select the environment that you chose in Getting your Socure ID+ and SDK keys.

Get this URL from Setting up Socure.

Webhook URL

The DaVinci webhook URL for this instance of your connector.

Copy this URL. You'll use it in Setting up Socure.

Setting up Socure

Allowing the DaVinci webhook URL in your Socure configuration
  1. Sign on to the Socure administrator portal at
  2. Go to Developer > Webhook. Click New Webhook.
  3. In the Subscription Type list, select Document Verification.
  4. In the Subscription Channel Name field, enter a name.
  5. In the Webhook URL field, enter the webhook URL that you copied from your Socure connector configuration.
  6. Leave the Secret Key field blank.
  7. Leave the Choose certificate section blank.
  8. Click Test. Check that the test was successful.
  9. Click Create.
Allowing the DaVinci domain in your Socure configuration

See IP address and domain reference for a list of domains that DaVinci uses. Follow the steps below to add all of the domains for your region:

  1. Sign on to the Socure administrator portal at
  2. Go to Developers > IPs & Domains.
  3. Click New Domain.
  4. In the IP/DOMAINS field, enter the domain. Click Create.
  5. Repeat this process for each DaVinci domain in your region.
Getting your Socure ID+ and SDK keys

Your ID+ Key and SDK Key are different for each environment.

  1. Sign on to the Socure administrator portal at
  2. Select the environment you want to connect to:
    1. Click your organization.
    2. Click to select the Production, Certification, or Sandbox environment.
      A screen capture that shows the environments list in the Socure administator portal.
    3. Go to Developers > ID+ Keys and SDK Key to get your ID+ and SDK keys.