1. Click the Variables tab.
  2. Click Add New Variable.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the variable.
  4. In the Variable Context list, select a context in which the variable is shared:
    • Flow Instance Context: The variable has one value for each instance of each flow.
    • User Context: The variable has one value for each user. The user must be identified.
    • Company Context: The variable has one value for the company, across all flows and users.

    A variable with a flow context can only be created within a flow by using the Variables connector. After you create a flow context variable, you can edit its value in the Variables tab.

  5. Optional: In the Description field, enter a description for the variable.
  6. In the Data Type list, select a data type:
    • String
    • Boolean
    • Number
    • Object
  7. In the Value field, enter an initial value for the variable.
  8. Click the Mutable toggle to allow nodes within a flow to change the value of the variable.

    You can trace the expected value of a variable through the nodes of your flow to help you decide whether the variable should be mutable or not.

  9. Optional: In the Min field, enter a minimum value for the variable.
  10. Optional: In the Max field, enter a maximum value for the variable.
  11. Click Create.