You can add SK-Components to multiple connectors, but this example adds an SK-Component to an HTTP node in your flow.

  1. Add an HTTP connector to your flow.

    For more information on adding a connector to your flow, see Adding a connector.

    A node is added to your flow.

  2. In your flow, select the node that you added in the previous step.
  3. Select the Custom HTML Template capability.
  4. In the HTML Template section of the General tab, click the {} icon.
    Screenshot showing the HTML Template field with the {} icon in the lower right.
  5. In the Choose Connection list, select SK-Component.

    You see a complete list of available components below the HTML Template section.

    Screenshot showing the HTML Template field with a list of available SK-Components.
  6. Select an SK-Component to include with your custom HTML for that page.

    For example, adding the skbutton component under your text displays a button for the user-facing page when the flow is run.

  7. Click the component that appears in the HTML Template to view configuration options.

    SK-Components have different configuration options based on their functionality. For an overview of each component's configuration options, see SK-Components.

  8. Click Apply after you finish adding your content and one or more SK-Components.

Click the Save, Deploy, and Try Flow buttons to view the user-facing page created by your custom HTML and test any SK-Components that you included.