An application acts as a gateway between your site and the flows you have created in DaVinci. The application contains settings to determine how external sites can send requests for flows, what flows can be requested, and how users and resources from other sites are managed. External sites can only run flows that are made available through an application.

The General and OIDC tabs let you configure receivers for incoming requests. Other tools can send requests to launch flows using API endpoints described in the General tab or the OpenID Connect (OIDC) parameters in the OIDC tab.

The Flow Policy tab lets you control which flows are run through the application. A flow policy is an entity that points to one or more flows or versions of flows. You can use a flow policy to make sure that a specific version of a flow, such as the latest version, is always used. You can also split traffic between different flows or flow versions for A/B testing or other purposes.

The Connections tab lets you direct requests to specific connectors.