Begin the subflow name with Subflow

When naming a new subflow, begin the name with Subflow.

Don’t use CSS, even for UI subflows

Don’t include CSS in subflows, even UI subflows. The subflow inherits the CSS styling from the parent flow, and controlling the CSS from that top-level flow is preferable.

Don't configure subflows as PingOne flows

For subflows that connect to PingOne main flows, only configure the main flow as a PingOne flow, not the subflow. For more information, see Editing flow settings.

Add color-coded HTTP connectors for success and failure

Use HTTP Connector nodes to send a JSON success or error response at the conclusion of the subflow. Give clear titles to these nodes and color them according to their purposes.

A screen capture showing a subflow with success and failure JSON response nodes.

Add a boolean value to each JSON Response node, specifying whether the subflow was successful.

A screen capture showing the boolean success value.