Passing data to a subflow

To see the input schema for your flow, click Input Schema in the upper-right corner of the flow canvas.

We recommend using a consistent format, such as camel case, for naming input schema variables. For example, userName, emailAddress, and so on.

Input schema variables are made available to your subflow as global parameters.

If the input variable is required for the execution of the flow, mark it as Required. Alternatively, you can select Require all defined parameters to require all parameters.

Returning data from a subflow

You can use the HTTP connector Send Success JSON Response capability to send back a success response. You can reference these variables in the parent flow. There is no output schema, so you will have to put in the variable names by hand. For example, {{}}. The node ID in this example is the Flow Conductor connector that is calling the subflow. This example returns the zip variable from the subflow.

You can do the same with the HTTP connector Send Error JSON Response capability.