1. Click the Applications tab.
  2. Find the application and click Edit.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Optional: In the Name field, update the name of the flow.
  5. Optional: Note the Company ID and Client ID.

    These fields are read-only. You can copy the values if necessary.

  6. Optional: Click the Enable API Key toggle to enable the use of an API key for API calls.
  7. Optional: Click Regenerate API Key to generate a new API key.

    Generating a new API key invalidates the previous key.

  8. Optional: Reveal and copy the API Key for use in API calls.
  9. Optional: In the FIDO2 Connection list, select a FIDO2 authentication method to be used for /credentials/fido2 API paths.
    Note: This feature is currently in limited release. To request access to this feature, open a support case.
  10. Click Apply.