Hover over data points to see specific information or click the Maximize () icon for an individual graph to expand the appearance.

Screen capture of the DaVinci dashboard showing the three graphs displaying flow information.

To view any historical data that you have, click Custom Analytics.

Screen capture of the legacy DaVinci dashboard showing the Custom Analytics Results graph and the Most Used Flows list.

The data in the Custom Analytics Results chart is populated using custom flow analytics connectors. Most Used Flows lists your legacy flow usage, including sub-flow counts. Click the Open () icons in each row to open the individual flow.

Use the Filter by flow ID field and Month list to adjust the data range in the graph and the flows listed. Click Back to return to the current version of the dashboard.

Click the Calendar list to select date ranges or create custom ones. Click and drag the horizontal and vertical sliders to adjust the ranges. The currently selected data range is displayed at the top of each section.

Click Flow Filter to open the Filter by Flow window. Here you can select specific flows and versions of flows to filter the data in the graphs by.

Screen capture of the DaVinci Filter by Flow window showing specific flows listed on the left with information on the selected flow on the right.

You can also use the following icons to adjust any changes to the dashboard.

Icon Description
The Reset icon.

Reset to original dashboard

The Undo icon.


The Redo icon.


The Export icon.


Flow Executions Over Time

Flow Executions Over Time displays the number of total flow executions for the selected time period. Hover over each bar to view more specific data points.

Screen capture of the Flow Executions Over Time Graph showing the graph data displayed by Months on the X axis and Flow Count on the Y axis

You can click and drag the ends of the horizontal slider bar to adjust the graph’s range. The default metric view is by day and hour, but you can click each bar in the graph to view the options to:

  • Drill down to Minute
  • Drill up to Day
  • Analyze contributions to Count
Screen capture of the DaVinci graph bar menu showing the count number, Drill Down to Minute, Drill up to Day, and Analyze contributes to count options.

You can use the following icons to manipulate the data in the graph.

Icon Description
The Maximize icon.


The Drill up to the top icon.

Drill up to the top from the resolved aggregation period

The Drill up icon.

Drill up from the resolved aggregation period

The Drill down icon.

Drill down from the resolved aggregation period

The More Options icon.

More options

Top Flows by Execution Count

Top Flows by Execution Count displays your most used flows, determined by how many times a particular flow was used compared to other flows. Click and drag the ends of the vertical slider to adjust the graph’s range.

Screen capture of the Top Flows by Execution Count graph displaying the flow data with flow execution count on the X axis and flow name on the Y axis.

The default data metrics are grouped by flow name and list each flow's execution count. Hover over a data point in the graph to view more specific information for that point.

Click the Sort () icon to change the order of the graph bars.

Configuration Statistics

Configuration Statistics displays an overview of the number of active connectors, flow executions, connected applications, and flows currently configured.

Screen capture of the DaVinci Configuration Statistics chart showing the number of Flow Executions, Active Connectors, Total Flows and Connected Applications.

For each section, you can click the Maximize icon to expand the view, or use the More Options icon to export the data to CSV.

Click on the Total Connector, Total Flows, or Connected Applications sections to view those configurations in a new tab.

Current dashboard functionality notes

Review the following known issues and limitations regarding the current release of the PingOne DaVinci dashboard:

  • When making a chart full-screen, the axis labels might not appear. Use your browser's zoom in and out functionality (Ctrl + and Alt +, or Ctrl - and Alt -) to have them redrawn correctly.
  • The Drill up and Drill down features are currently disabled.
  • The Flow Executions metric does not currently include or count subflow executions.
  • When executing a flow with the Try Flow button in the main view of the flow canvas, PingOne DaVinci flow events do not report their version numbers. The version number is recorded correctly for flows executed normally without using the Try Flow button.

    As a result, Try Flow events are included in the chart totals when no filtering is used. When filtering, Try Flow executions are only included in the total if you select All Versions.

  • PingOne DaVinci does not support having the console open to different environments in separate browser tabs. The environment context can be mismatched when the user manually refreshes the page.
  • Top Flows on the Custom Analytics dashboard is only shown for customers who were active before March 9, 2023. This is so that they can see their historical data. Newer customers don't see this chart, and the Top Flows on the main dashboard contains all of their data.