You can add a node to the flow canvas in multiple ways. You can click the + icon to add a node without any logical links to existing nodes. You can also click and drag a line from an existing node, and a new node is automatically added.

When you create a new node, you specify which connector it uses. If the connector you want isn’t on the list, you can add it on the Connectors tab by clicking Add Connector.

Many connectors have multiple capabilities. For example, a PingOne connector lets you look up users or create new users. When you create a node, you select one capability. The node will show you what information is required for that capability.

You can do a lot of additional configuration to the nodes in your flows. You can name them to make their purpose clear, change their background colors to indicate their role in the flow, and provide additional information, such as logging details.

When you’re done updating a node, click Apply to apply your changes to the node.


Changes to the node aren’t preserved if you don’t apply them.

You can copy and paste individual nodes or groups of nodes into the current flow or into a different flow. Select the nodes, right-click, and select Copy. You can use this to reuse components of existing flows.