You cannot change the name and context for a variable.

  1. Click the Variables tab.
  2. Find the variable you want to edit and click the Pencil icon.
  3. Optional: In the Description field, update the description for the variable.
  4. Optional: In the Data Type list, select a data type:
    • String
    • Boolean
    • Number
    • Object
  5. Optional: In the Value field, enter a value for the variable.

    For flows with the Company Context, this field updates the current value. For all other contexts, this field sets the initial value.

  6. Optional: Click the Mutable toggle to allow nodes within a flow to change the value of the variable.
  7. Optional: In the Min field, enter a minimum value for the variable.
  8. Optional: In the Max field, enter a maximum value for the variable.
  9. Click Update.