1. Click the Flows tab.
  2. Find the flow and click ... > Edit.
  3. Click Input Schema.
  4. On the Input Schema tab, add one or more properties to the input schema:
    1. Click Add to add a new property.
    2. In the Parameter Name field, enter a name for the input parameter.
    3. Optional: In the Description field, enter a description for the input property.
    4. In the Data Type list, select a data type for the input property.
    5. Select Required if the property is required for the flow.
  5. Optional: Click All Required? to change the Required setting of all properties.
  6. Optional: Click Edit to reorder or remove properties, and then click Close.
    Delete Click to remove a property.
    Reorder Click and drag to reorder a property.
  7. Click Save.