Clicking Try Flow doesn't launch flow

If Try Flow is grayed out, verify that your flow has been deployed. After you save your changes, click Deploy to publish them. Additionally, verify that the flow contains UI components.

Flow will not deploy

If a flow does not deploy, verify that it does not include nodes that are missing connector configuration information. Verify that all of the nodes in the flow are connected to the preceding and subsequent nodes.

Flow fails to continue

If a flow progression halts, most likely it's waiting on user interaction. Adding a Continue button to the form will allow the flow to progress to the next event.

Another possibility is that your flow encountered an error when processing. In the flow, click Analytics to display a list of flow executions. Select the most recent flow run to view the path and details of each node.

Enable Flow debug logging

To view additional details of API requests and responses within flow analytics, enable Debug Logging in More options (⋮) > Flow Settings > Logging.

A screen capture of the Logging tab of the Flow Settings section. In the Log Level list, Debug is selected.

Temporary UI screens

To view the current state of variables, API responses, and other flow data, place temporary UI components within the flow to display their details.

Node IDs

As your flow grows, you might find it helpful to display the node IDs. This allows you to verify that values are being pulled from the correct node. To see where a value such as {{email}} is pulled from, mouse-over the name to display its details (for example, {{}}). In this example, m3qhb63tfb is the node id that contains the email attribute.

Flow execution paths

If your flow doesn't progress correctly, verify the logical operators between nodes to ensure the right conditions are being met (All triggers true, Any trigger false, and so on.).