General and connector-specific tabs

The General tab contains properties related to the selected connector and capability. See the connector's entry in the integration directory for information about these properties.

Some connectors and capabilities use additional tabs. These tabs are unique to the connector and are described in the connector documentation.

Settings tab

The Settings tab contains settings about the node display and performance. After you edit these settings, click Apply to save your changes.

Property Description

Node Title

The node title displayed in the user interface. This title is not visible to end users.

Node Description

An internal description of the node. This description is not visible to end users.

Node Background Color

The background color of the node in the user interface. This color is not displayed to end users.

Expire Authentication Token

Causes the access token or SDK token to expire when the node completes.

Expire Flow Instance Cache

Removes cached information about the flow when the current node completes.

Expire Node Instance Cache

Removes cached information about one or more nodes when the current node completes.

Expire Node Instance Cache List

The Node IDs for the node or nodes to remove from the cache if Expire Node Instance Cache is selected. Press Enter after entering each Node ID.

Schema tab

The Schema tab lets you view and test the node schema. When the tab is opened, the Default view is displayed. It uses a color-coded view to display details of the schema, such as data types, required parameters, and parameter constraints.

Property Description


Displays the default view of the schema.


Displays the raw schema.


Displays an example of the schema.

Mappings (Error Messages) tab

The Mappings (Error Messages) tab specifies additional information to add to error logs for the given node.

Property Description


Adds an additional key-value entry to the table.


A key name to include in error logging.


A value to include in error logging, corresponding to the Key field in the same row. Click {} to select a flow property, data provided in a previous node, or variable.

Log Fields Mapping tab

The Log Fields Mapping tab lets you map flow properties to variables in the logs.

Property Description


Allows you to delete one or more mappings. Click - to delete a mapping and Close to return to the standard view.

+ Field

Adds an additional mapping.

Global Variable

The global variable.

Mapping Variable Name

The value to map to the global variable.