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Page created: 1 Feb 2023 |
Page updated: 22 Mar 2023

February 13

Fixed sensitive data scrubbing issue

Fixed an issue that prevented fields marked as sensitive information from being scrubbed from the flow analytics.

February 9

Fixed unsaved changes warning message

Fixed an issue that prevented the unsaved changes warning from appearing when a flow had unsaved changes in the Settings panel, input schema, or other flow properties that are displayed in a sidebar.

February 8

Fixed component display issue

Fixed an HTML connector issue that prevented components and other inputs from being displayed when the HTML template field was in fullscreen mode.

February 3

Updated annotation process

Annotations can now be added to a flow by right-clicking. For more information, see Adding Annotations .

February 1

Fixed script handling error

Fixed an issue in which code after a closing script tag was displayed as plain text in user-facing nodes such as HTML nodes.