Replacing a node that is already configured will remove any configurations, such as a selected capability and variable mappings. When replacing a node with another node of the same type (by changing the connector instance), you can preserve configuration information between them. For more information, see Changing a connector instance.

  1. Click the Flows tab.
  2. Locate and open the flow.
  3. Right-click the node.
  4. Click Replace.
    The Replace Connector window displays.
  5. Select a different connector.
    • Select a connector from the Existing tab to immediately replace the connector in your flow with a connector already added to your environment.
    • Select a connector from the New tab to add a new connector to your environment.
      • Give the new connector a name and click Create.

Configure the new node according to the documentation for the selected connector.


If you selected from the New tab, open the connector and click the Edit Connector icon to configure the connector for your environment.

A screen capture of the edit connector icon.