After adding social login to your forms, add the forms to your flow.


This procedure does not discuss all of the options available for the PingOne Forms connector. Learn more about all available options in the Forms connector documentation.

  1. Sign on to DaVinci and click the Flows tab.
  2. Find the flow to which you want to add the forms and go to ... > Edit.
  3. Click the + icon to add a node.
  4. In the Add Connector list, select the PingOne Forms connector.
  5. Click and drag a line from the new node to the existing nodes.
  6. Click the PingOne Forms node.
  7. Select the Show Form capability.
  8. In the Form list, select your form.
  9. Optional: Configure the social login-specific settings:
    1. Enable Link with PingOne User to link the social account with the existing PingOne user.
    2. Select a PingOne Population for user linking, or select Use Population ID to specify a population ID.
    3. In the Population ID field, enter a population ID to use for user linking. This field is only displayed if you selected Use Population ID in the PingOne Population field.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Optional: Repeat steps 3-10 for each additional form that you want to add.
  12. Optional: Repeat steps 2-11 for each additional flow.

The flows now include the forms which include social login. Integrate these flows into your environment using a redirect to begin using them. Learn more in Launching a PingOne flow with a redirect.