Create an external identity provider for each social login option that you plan to use. Learn more in External IDPs.

First, create one or more forms in PingOne.


This procedure does not cover all of the options available in the Forms section. Learn more about all available options in the Forms documentation.

  1. Sign on to PingOne and go to User Experience > Forms.
  2. Click the + icon to create a new form.
  3. In the Form Name field, enter User Information Example.
  4. In the Form Usage list, select DaVinci Flow Forms.
  5. Click Add Form.
  6. Select a template or a blank form as a starting point.
  7. Add one or more social login options:
    1. Click the Toolbox tab.
    2. Drag a Social Login button from the left panel onto the form.
    3. Click the new Social Login button in the form to display its properties.
    4. In the App Type list, select a social login application.
    5. Optional: Repeat steps b-d to add additional social login options to the form.
    6. Optional: Update the width and style settings.
  8. Optional: Drag one or more PingOne Attribute Fields onto the form.
  9. Click Save.