1. Click the Flows tab.
  2. Find the flow and click ... > Edit.
  3. Click Analytics.
  4. On the Analytics tab, select a date range from the list.
    The graph displays the flow runs within the date range, and the Events Logs section shows the logs for individual runs.
  5. Enter or select a Flow Execution ID to view details of the selected run.
    The nodes that ran during the selected run are highlighted. The Events Logs section shows the events that occurred during the run.

    To see logs related to execution of a specific node, click on that node. This highlights the associated entry in the events log pane.

    Note: The node's records often include two entries for the node's execution, corresponding to the payload sent to the node and the response from the node.
  6. Select an event to view additional event details.
  7. Click X to close the Analytics tab.