This document provides a developer overview of the OpenID Connect 1.0 protocol (OIDC) and provides instructions for an Application Developer to implement OpenID Connect with PingFederate. Two walkthroughs are provided to demonstrate the OpenID Connect Basic Client Profile and the OpenID Connect Implicit Client Profile.

This is targeted to developers, however the content will be relevant for infrastructure owners to understand the OpenID Connect concepts. Explanations and code examples are provided for "quick win" integration efforts. As such they are incomplete and meant to complement existing documentation and specifications.

This document assumes a basic familiarity with the OpenID Connect 1.0 protocol and the OAuth 2.0 protocol. For more information about OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect 1.0, refer to:

Note: This document explains a number of manual processes to request and validate the OAuth and OpenID Connect tokens. While the interactions are simple, PingFederate is compatible with many 3rd party OAuth and OpenID Connect client libraries that may simplify development effort.